Meet Parminder

About Parminder

After years dedicated to major wealth management institutions and boutique financial firms, I began to research what clients really wanted from a financial planner. I discovered that for most people, their vision extends beyond making the most of their hard-earned money. What they want is the kind of happiness and fulfilment that money can’t buy.

This is particularly acute for business owners, many of whom discover that creating and running a business does not always lead to lasting fulfilment. They put so much of themselves into building up a successful business, that they don’t have any time or energy left for themselves or their families.

Recognising the unique challenges that business owners have, I decided to set up a dramatically different business inspired by nature; Seasons of Wealth.

A strong advocate of life planning, I’m committed to forging a radically new and complete family-focused approach to the financial planning process. I’ve invested heavily in my education in coaching and self-mastery to empower business owners to reach their full potential for a better life.

With greater self-knowledge and understanding of your relationship with money, I firmly believe that having clarity about your life purpose is key to understanding how you can use your wealth during your lifetime and as part of your legacy.

Outside of work

I always encourage my clients to find the right balance between work and home, and I practice what I preach! I enjoy spending quality time with my wonderful wife and three children on holidays. I’m a lifelong lover of the outdoors so to relax, I enjoy playing golf and jogging in my local forest. I also enjoy Pilates.

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