I’ve worked with hundreds of families over 25 years. Meet just some of the business owners who I’ve helped to achieve their life goals.

Client story – David

David approached me to help him and his wife with several different pensions and investments. But it became apparent that what they really needed was more time to do the things they want to do now, not in five years when David turned 65.

Client story – Charles and Anne

Charles and Anne ran a very successful travel and tourism business. Whilst they already had a wealth manager, they were looking for a second opinion. They wanted to know if their money was being looked after in the best way possible.

Client story – Alan

Alan ran a successful chain of wine bars in the city. He initially approached me to review his various investment plans. However, after talking to me, he realised that what he really wanted was more control over his time.

Parminder’s advice has put us firmly in the driver’s seat.

We now have a clear exit strategy from the business which is right for us.

Our lives have been transformed; where we once felt trapped in the business, we now have the freedom to work if we want to.

Charles and Anne, Owners, Travel and tourism business
I feel more confident and in control of my family’s future and my finances now have a purpose.

With a structured financial plan, my dreams and aspirations will become a reality.

Now, if I work long hours, it’s because I want to, not because I have to.

Alan, Wine Bar Owner, City of London
Parminder’s advice has allowed me to retire five years earlier than I thought I could.

This has enabled me and my wife to do all the things that we really want to do.

His advice has given us the confidence and freedom to live our lives the way we want to, without worrying about running out of money

David, Scientific Instruments business owner, Hertfordshire

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