What We Do

Our business purpose is to work with people and their families to help them get the most out of their wealth.

This is done by placing less emphasis on the external market and political events that can’t be controlled and placing more focus on what can be controlled.

To find out more, read Parminder Bains’ book ‘Seasons of Wealth’ and take the first step right now.

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About Parminder Bains

Parminder holds both Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial PlannerCM status and has 23 years’ experience helping families take control of their financial future.

Parminder has conducted 10,000 hours of conversations with clients exploring what it is that is really important to them. He specialises in helping retired baby boomers.

He helps families achieve peace of mind and reassurance that they will leave behind the legacy of their wishes.

Parminder works on a fixed fee basis. Fees are agreed in advance.